How to Participate in the Abstract Contest

The following text was supplied by Alaska Professional Communicators:

Alaska Professional Communicators awards certificates and cash prizes to students for the quality of their written abstracts. Abstracts are judged on format, syntax, spelling, grammar, punctuation, neatness, and originality. There are three categories for the abstract contest: Elementary (grades 4-6), Middle School (grades 7-8, some 6), and Senior High (grades 9-12). 6th grade may enter as middle school if attending a middle school. A written abstract is:

  • required for grades 9-12
  • strongly recommended for grades 7-8
  • recommended for grades 4-6

Follow these steps to enter your abstract for judging by Alaska Professional Communicators:

1. Print the ASEF Abstract Contest Entry Form. Fill in this form and have your adult sponsor sign it. (The adult sponsor, not the student, must sign the form to certify that the abstract is the student’s own work.)

2. Prepare your abstract:

Grades 9-12: Download the ISEF Abstract form and use it for your abstract text.

Grades 4-8: Print your abstract on plain white paper.

3. Make two copies of your abstract. Keep the first copy with your project portfolio.

4. Staple the ASEF Abstract Contest Entry Form to the second copy of your abstract.

5. Submit the signed entry form stapled to the abstract at registration.

Please Note! You must have two copies of your abstract. One stays with the project portfolio at your display; the other is stapled to the ASEF Abstract Contest Entry Form and submitted at registration to the Alaska Professional Communicators contest. Any abstract submitted without the abstract contest entry form or without the adult sponsor’s signature will be disqualified. Alaska Professional Communicators will not return abstracts unless specifically requested to do so.

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