Elementary Judging Rubric

Elementary Judging Rubric (Grades K – 5, grade 6 if in elementary school)

Elementary projects are rated on a scale of 1-3 with 1 being the highest. The student interview is a very important part of the judging process.

For each trait or criteria:

1- indicates that the described trait or criteria is present to a high degree;

2- indicates that the trait or criteria is present though a small piece may be missing;

3- indicates the trait or criteria may be present but not well developed.

Total Project Rating: 1 2 3

I. Process Rating: 1 2 3

The project shows evidence of a logical thought process for gathering information, processing data and drawing conclusions. Process skills such as observation, measurement, inference, communication, etc. are used. Experiments show the use of a scientific method, which includes a question, hypothesis, procedures, results, and conclusions.

II. Understanding Rating: 1 2 3

The student is able to articulate or demonstrate the ideas that she or he learned while doing the project. The student can reflect on how the project might be expanded or changed in the future.

III. Creativity/Child Centered Rating: 1 2 3

The project reflects the child’s interest. The project topic is unique or the student’s approach to the topic is creative.

IV. Presentation Rating: 1 2 3

The project is pleasing to the eye. Information is presented in an understandable sequence. Charts, graphs or tables are clear. The presentation is age appropriate. If there is an additional written explanation, such as a journal or log, student learning is reflected.


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