Board Members

Jana Lage – State Director

Texas Gail Raymond – Scientific Review Committee Chair, Director Emeritus

Dave Souza – Treasurer

Alissa Oder – Communications Contests Judging

Anita Kranich – Head Judge for Elementary

Mary Helms – Head of Mentorship, Hospitality, Special Awards

Dorothy Harris – Secretary, Special Awards

Michael McVee – Head Judge for Middle and High School

Andres Macias – Fundraising, Logistics

Stephen Kranich – Student Liaison

Daniel Kranich – Webmaster, Assistant for Middle and High School Judging, Photography

Charlie Daniels – Fundraising, Student Liaison

Lauren Cuddihy – UAA Liaison

Dr. Chris Cornelius – Student Mentor Liaison, Scientific Review Committee



We Thank Our Sponsors

  • Elks Lodge Anchorage #2868
  • Home Depot
  • RSA Engineering, Inc.