Information for Judges

There are two types of judges for the Alaska Science & Engineering Fair:

1. Main Category Judges award the Alaska Science & Engineering Fair’s main category prizes. These judges work in teams to interview the students and judge the content of their projects and how much the students know about their own projects. The Main Category judges for Senior High determine which student(s) will go on to the International Fair. If you would like to judge and you are a professional in the science, engineering, or mathematics fields in Anchorage, Alaska, please contact the Science Fair Committee for judging information.

 2. Special Category Judges are sent by organizations or professional societies that offer their own Science Fair prizes. Examples are the IEEE Electrical Engineering award and the Alaska Professional Communicators Abstract and Display awards. Instructions for how and what to judge are given by the sponsoring organization. If you are a member of a workplace or professional organization in the science, engineering, or mathematics fields, contact your organization to see if it sponsors an AS&EF prize. For information on how to sponsor a new prize, contact the Science Fair Committee.

  • Special Category Judge Training: Sponsoring organizations usually offer training for their own special awards.
  • The Science Fair committee’s Judge Training Slide Show (PDF) may also be helpful for special award judging.



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