Alaska Professional Communicators Contests

The following text was supplied by Alaska Professional Communicators:

Alaska Professional Communicators (AKProCom) is committed to professional excellence and the promotion of the highest ethical standards in communications fields, to equal opportunity in those fields, and to the rights and responsibilities of the First Amendment.

AKProCom offers scholarships to currently enrolled college students who are studying journalism or public communications fields. Keep these scholarships in mind for yourself once you are in college or tell your college friends about them. See

Alaska Professional Communicators sponsors two special category contests for the Alaska Science and Engineering Fair:

1. Abstract contest: Grades 4-6, grades 7-8, grades 9-12

Please read the following information about the abstract contest:

2. Display Communication contest: Grades 7-8, grades 9-12

Everyone in grades 7-12 who has a display at the science fair is automatically entered in the display contest. Judges will view your display on Saturday during the fair. AKProCom judges do not interview you; they view your display only. Please read the following about the Display Communication contest: