Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the 66th Annual Alaska Science and Engineering Fair! Your projects were amazing, and we are so glad you were able to share your work with us. All the judges have loved looking over your projects and talking with you about what you  learned and accomplished.

Judging for all the specialty awards is NOT completed yet, however the category award winners for high school and middle school have been chosen, as well as the overall first and second place projects. We do not have category winners for elementary students, but we are working on your placement ribbons.

We will have a second post & email that will include a full list of specialty award winners, as well as the ribbon placement for all projects in about two weeks! We will also be placing ribbons on the student corner projects, so be watching your project for your ribbon. The physical certificates, awards and t-shirts will be handed out in about 3 weeks.

We are happy to announce that the prizes for the category winners have increased! Middle school category winners will receive $250.00 each and high school category winners will receive $500.00 each.

Middle School Category Winners:

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Copy Cats – Margaret B.

Does it Measure up to the Taste – Marley G.

BB Ballistics – Piper B.


High School Category Winners:

Animal Sciences
A Wormie’s New Home – Joshua F.

Cellular and Molecular Biology
Oh Sweet! – Maria K.

Energy and Transportation
Does Juneau generate enough electrical energy to run completely on renewable technology? – Annabella W.

Oil Filter for Storm Drains – Kate D.

Environmental Management and Sciences
Dangerous Silver – Sophia H.

Medicine and Health Sciences
Sugar for the Soul – Arabella A.


Overall Winners

These two winners will be representing Alaska in the International Science and Engineering Fair! Both winners will also receive two Alaska Airlines tickets. 

First Place
Oil Filter for Storm Drains – Kate D.

Second Place
Does Juneau generate enough electrical energy to run completely on renewable technology? – Annabella W.

Congratulations to Kate and Annabella!

Once again, thanks to all of you for your hard work on the incredible projects we saw this year. We would also like to extend our most sincere thanks to our judges and volunteers, because without them, the fair could not have happened. We also want to thank Student Corner for hosting us on their platform, it was a great way to hold the fair and made everything run smoothly. 

Keep watching for our final awards email and website post, and we hope to see you all back next year!