We Are Going Virtual for 2020!

Due to the health concerns of holding a normal science fair amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the 2020 Alaska Science & Engineering Fair is going to be held as a virtual event for 2020. We plan to judge high school projects on the 28th, and while we hope to judge middle school and elementary school projects as well, we have not made a final decision on the exact dates each will be judged. Please check this page frequently as it will be updated as soon as our plans have been solidified.

A virtual fair is going to require more registration information than what we have currently collected, therefore we have temporarily closed project registration. We will attempt to have registration re-opened by March 20th. Anyone who has already registered will need to register again once the registration form has been updated.

We are also unsure of exactly what the virtual judging will look like at this point. We will require each student prepare photos of their presentation board and have a digital copy of any documents that are important to their projects (PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE THE STUDENT’s NAME IN ANY PHOTOS OR DOCUMENTS). We also suggest preparing a slide show (using Google Slides if possible) that could be used to explain the project, with or without any form of interview (AGAIN NO STUDENT NAMES).

We are currently unsure if we will be able to do a judging interview with all students, so please try to make sure your pictures, documents, and slideshow are clear, and that your process is understandable without the need for an interview. 

Finally, if you know someone who works as a web programmer and would be willing to donate some programing time, please ask them to email our webmaster at Webadmin@alaskasciencefair.org


We Thank Our Sponsors

  • Elks Lodge Anchorage #2868
  • Home Depot
  • RSA Engineering, Inc.